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Flourish with style


Flourish with style is a personal styling agency dedicated to woman of all ages and from all walks of life.

The owner Jackie Skelly MIASC is a trained style coach.

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Would you like your wardrobe to be full of clothes and accessories that fit, flatter and make you feel good every day.?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet you feel you have nothing to wear?

Do you dislike shopping or feel uncomfortable in the shopping environment?

Are you returning to work after time out and would like help to achieve a new fresh look.?

Have you a special occasion you need that wow look for?

Call me today and take the first step towards a brand new confident you.

Select from one of my packages/or individual services and begin your journey. All services are tailored to your individual requirements.

Find my Style

Do you know your body shape and what colours really make you look good?  What is your style personality?

Have you a wardrobe full of clothes and yet struggle to put outfits together?

The Find my Style package is designed for the lady who wants to learn what really suits her current body shape, the colours that really suit and of course the style personality. 

Individual services

Personal style consultation on line or in person

Best shape and cut of clothing to suit your body shape. Price on request.

Online or in person Wardrobe consultation:

During this time we will identify what works in your existing wardrobe and identify the gaps. This is not about throwing out everything. 

Price on request.

Personal shopping:

This is a three hour personal shopping trip at a location suitable to your requirements.

Reinvent Me

How would you feel if you opened your wardrobe every day to an organised space full of beautifully curated clothes that fit and flatter you. You are no longer frustrated by the nothing to wear but a wardrobe full of clothes issue. Would you love to be confident enough to wear what you love every day and feel confident in your up to date look when you step outside. In order achieve this you need to know how to put it all together.

This is the ultimate gift to yourself. This package includes body shape. colour analysis,  style personality, wardrobe consultation and a personal shopping trip.  No more I have nothing to wear.

I provide a private personal styling service from the comfort of your own home which is completely confidential.

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